The AMF Vintage Motorcycle Library is live!

In 2017, the Foundation acquired the AMCA's "Virtual Library," which is an online collection of brochures, manuals and other documents related to old bikes. We have converted the AMCA's Virtual Library into a professional-grade, searchable digital archive that will grow to store thousands of scanned copies of historic documents. There are also plans to incorporate audio and video recordings. Although the acquisition included over 600 documents, the initial launch will contain about 100 of those documents while our volunteers review each document and apply descriptions and keywords that will allow users to find items quickly through the library's sophisticated search feature.

Items acquired from the AMCA can be downloaded exclusively by its members for the first year, after which those items can be downloaded by the public. ANY item in the library is viewable by the public as soon as they are added via the full-screen preview function.

The AMF is very pleased to work with the AMCA in bringing you this extensive collection of documents.

2018-01-01 18:18:43